Trump University - Crybabies with No Effort Blame Somebody

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Here they come.All those who want to "˜blame others' for their own lack of action.

They think someone else is going hand them a magic wand. In reality a down market is the best time to get out there and make lots of offers. Most of the plaintiffs in this lawsuit are people who aren't out there using the real estate acquisition techniques – or they wouldn't be playing the violin with a sad story. Today – if they focused – they could be buying properties hand-over-fist just like I did.

My experience with the courses was positive – because instead of griping – I did something with the knowledge.What a bunch of self-serving cry-babies.

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Ha..ha..That' s so....funny.Mr.

Trump, your son with brown hair has obsessed my mind. I wouldn't mind to have a father in law like yourself. Is he married, or does he have a girlfriend.

He is not only good looking, but he is very diplomatic.Maybe he can become a president, and I will be the first lady.

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Someone from Trump campaign or Trump himself wrote this anonymous review. This is Trump way of talking.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1127483

I do not believe any review that is filed by "by anonymous"

Trump University Class Action Lawsuit Filed!

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Not resolved

A nationwide Trump University (40 Wall Street, New York, NY) consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed!

"¢ To be a part of the Trump University class action lawsuit

"¢ Get involved in the case


"¢ Provide information about your experience

CONTACT the class action law firm handling the case now:


Zeldes & Haeggquist, LLP



Call Zeldes & Haeggquist, LLP now to share your story, become a part of the class action, or get involved in the case.

Call or email the firm now!

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I got involved in Trump University as a fan of the Apprentice and reading Trumps Books. I spoke to a couple of smooth talking and intelligent sounding inviduals over the phone who convinced me that with some "one-on-one" mentoring, I would be on my way to success and financial independence....Wrong!

They tried to get me sold on buying packages much larger than the one I actually purchased, which was 12-one hour mentoring sessions for 7500.00. I was sent CDs which were very low qualtiy in both audio and content, and a set of ring binders with very useless information. I couldnt get on their website for a long time, which I was really pitched as being a wonderful place where I could get involved in chats from people all over the world who were making deals.

Everytime I got on, there was this same lady from New Zealand who was trying real hard to figure out the process, but seemed a bit confused, along with maybe one or two other people who were usually just listening to her muddle through her experiences.

And finally, the mentoring which came at the expense of over 600.00 an hour. First the mentor spoke with a strong accent, which I had difficulty understanding. He was ready and anxious to get off the phone 15 minutes early every time.

The information he gave me was to form an LLC, get some business cards, get a real estate agent and go out and find 10 properties a week and make outlandish offers. No creative advice, or concepts, just very low offers. The offers were so low, that I couldnt find an agent willing to represent me. Maybe these low-ball offers work in California or Florida where the real estate economy is much worse, but not in Texas.

Bottom line is I learned absolutely nothing. I quit after about 8 sessions, and did not bother with the final 4. I was in it to learn how to find forclosures, and my mentor did not seem to know anything other than to look for 10 homes and make insane offers. I threw the tapes and notebooks in the trash, as the information on them was useless.

I not only lost 7500.00 very hard earned dollars, but more importantly, it impacted my psyche. I truly feel dumber, not smarter for my experience. I am afraid to go out and try somehthing for fear I am a poor decission maker after getting so easily suckered.

We have all heard the addage, if it is too good to be true, than it probably is, and I would say that is just as true today as ever. My guess is that Donald Trump probably has never looked into or ever been involved in the DTU. I could not ever see him put his name on such garbage! If he does indorse it, I have to say Mr. Trump, "Your Fired!"


Hi my name is David from IN and me and my wife invested in the Trump University and didn't get nothing out of it.The 36k we spent was our life saving, and we never made any money even after the mentor.

He act as if he didn't have the answers to our questions, this was a shocker! Also we never bought a home or made any money from the Trump University scam, and now we are facing foreclosure. and the staff at Trump University can't seem to help us in saving our home or feel the need we should have our money back.

This has been depressing for me and my family and we don't know what to do.I really hope justice is served.

Trump University Reviews

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Not resolved

Trump University scammed me. Do not believe these people!

They will tell you to use whatever resource you have to pay them their 15-35G's for their classes which are full of teachers bragging about what they have but never telling you how to get it other than some top level stuff that never gives you the meat you need to succeed. They don't pay you any attention (even in the $1,495 class) if you don't have the money. They will actually shut you up in class if you challenge them and tune you out and stop calling on you so as to not let the other class members see a devil's advocate and question anything. They will tell you to use your credit cards, your equity line, anything you have that money can be drawn from. So many Americans are already losing their sad would it be to not have enough money to make your mortgage payments because they scammed you or take out an equity line that causes your mortgage to grow and then have no way to repay it. But this is exactly what they'll do even if they sense you are unsure...that's when I noticed they seemed to pressure you more...when they think they are losing you...they will go in for the kill.

So many people in the classes complained to each other so much so that it became a joke...but stupidly they, and I, came back for more...well because we paid for it and had hope until the last minute. Wrong! If Donald trump apparently has kids who went to the best universities and has the nerve to call this a university I would be mortified if I were him. You cannot call this a university. It is full of bloodsuckers who lie to your face and then somehow put their head to rest at night on their pillow without a second thought to how they may ruin your life. I can only compare it to a used car know how they go back to apparently talk to their sales manager but in reality they are just passing the time...these are the low handed tactics they'll use and then act like they are on your side and all buddy buddy about the classes.

They'll point to their measly several testimonials to prove their success but how come out of thousands of students are there only several singing their praises? Payoffs I can only assume and from what I've seen. You stroke their back, they'll stroke yours. This is all politics but what you'd hear at the water cooler is a *** of a lot worse than you could ever imagine...what really goes on behind the scenes at Trump University is not so pretty.

Check out online reports of former employees who tell the truth of what goes on in the they are pressured to enroll more and more people and put on a show on the phone. These people are probably scripted as they are just salespeople not caring individuals. It is the game of faking it 'til you make it but it's all bull. I can't stand posers or users so I'm going to tell you the truth as they stole money out of my pocket and gave me nothing I could use in return, no matter how hard I tried or how much I asked.

I went through their classes and it's all broad with nothing deep for you to actually use in the real world. They ask you to keep spending your hard earned dough to get more and more top level stuff. It just never ends.

I sincerely hope this post can save at least one person from the same mistake that is going to take me twice the amount of time to repair that I spent in their classes.

Buyer beware!!! Don't do it. They will lie to your face!

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Trump University Class Action Lawsuit Filed!

A nationwide Trump University (40 Wall Street, New York, NY) consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed!

To be a part of the Trump University class action lawsuit, Get involved in the case, OR Provide information about your experience

CONTACT the class action law firm handling the case:

Zeldes & Haeggquist, LLP


Keywords: Trump University Scam, Trump University Review, Trump University Complaint

Trump University Reviews

Los Angeles, California 9 comments

Do not trust Trump University! This company is a well designed scam using the name of Donald Trump who apparently doesn't care how much more Americans get hurt this year and the next ones by a weak economy. Instead he's using it to take advantage of you.

They will do whatever (and I mean, whatever) it takes to get you to open your pockets to invest in their company. I am sure there are tons of people like me who have lost precious money because of them. So if you have to borrow and have no credit to do this or even if you have good credit, don't! They will rob from you...this is modern day robbery...and then they will place in a very dangerous position. You could lose equity in your house if you have to borrow to attend, you could damage your credit if you have to max out your credit cards, or you could even lose your house like so many Americans because that last bit of money that was supposed to get you through another six months or year for mortgage payments is now gone based on a false promise!

The scam in all of this is that the information always skims the surface. No matter the class, you get loads of advice on buying more classes, not advice on execution. They will never tell you that it takes 1000 steps to do something and instead magnify the few positive points of real estate. Don't be fooled by them or their grand statements of flipping a house with 10 hours of work. They are full of it! I know because I have been through it.

And watch out for that one main'll know him by how loud he is and how fast he talks (he's got to be on something). He will suck you dry. And then there are all the other teachers that either can't back the claims of being the millionaires they claim or that have rip off reviews elsewhere online. It's all talk and no show.

Oh and when they tell you they'll be there for you, they'll scram as soon as they've collected the dough. The instructors are there for their 3 day classes and then off to the next city to convince more unsuspecting prospects to drop 15-35G's. These are used car salesman who will use the same tactics as in a car know where they go supposedly to their manager while you wait and you know they are really just passing the time to look like they've been working out a deal for you and are on your side. When someone is trying to collect that much money from you, they do not have your best interests at heart. I hesitated and they pushed me assuring me it was the right decision and then dropped me like a hot pancake when I needed their help to learn more without spending more money. As soon as they've ran the check, card etc.. through they are done with you. You'll only get their attention when they are trying to get it from you and once they get it they're gone. This is fraud.

Buyer beware!

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Whatever *** spends anything over 100$ on one of these seminars is a mental dwarf and doesn't even deserve to have money in the first place. Gullible idiots, plain and simple, all of you who spent that kind of dough on the obvious garbage you were going to be spoon fed. What a shame.

Hicksville, New York, United States #187146

It appears that we too were scammed by this group using Trumps name as collateral. We hosted a weekend seminar here and have never been paid over $5500.



Good class.I took a class twice.

First time with James Harris - he was Fantastic and did teach a lot. I could not comprehend and remember everything and had to take class again the next time they were in town. (second time is free) Though it was a different speaker Jerow (or something like that) He was not as good as James Harris. James really did teach and the second guy was doing more preaching then teaching.

But i did learn few things from Jerow as well and most people liked the second guy too ..perhaps b/c they did not see the first guy :) . Course was worth the money to me :) you can also ask for the recording of the course after you attend it (may have to pay little for the CDs). btw they did do live calls at the seminar both times i took it.

The webinars on the trump university website are really good too. It all depends how serious you are about the investing - thus will be your results.

I did not sign up for further classes, but if i had extra money to play with probobly would have and would benefit as well.James does have his business card and gives his contact to those who sign up :)


HI Vivian....I am considering the Trump University Investment course....I was wondering, how much did you make on those 6 deals, it seems the tools really worked for you... alot of ppl are upset about the fact that they are beimg sold other far you are the only one who talked about closing deals, so it seem they're tools work, thought they maybe jerks when it comes to holding up their promises. Aprreciate your response thanks for your time and for sharing your experience.


Trump University Class Action Lawsuit Filed!

A nationwide Trump University (40 Wall Street, New York, NY) consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed!

To be a part of the Trump University class action lawsuit, Get involved in the case, OR Provide information about your experience

CONTACT the class action law firm handling the case:

Zeldes & Haeggquist, LLP


Keywords: Trump University Scam, Trump University Review, Trump University Complaint


I went to the 2 hr.session and walked out without giving them a penny.

They act like high powered used car salesman.People, do not fall for their BS.



I write this today, March 15, 2010 after 30 days of investigating the “real estate investors” and “motivational speakers” who came to Greater Boston on February 15, 2010. I also paid the $1,500 bucks for the three day seminar held a week later. The material was over priced, dated and not current with today’s laws! Yet they will try to sell you “customized” educational packages costing from $9,000 to $35,000. yes really they try to sell you a “mento,” for $35,000!

Since that time I have tried to prove myself wrong and find information that would give credit to the claims of James Harris, Ryan Lottman, Cory Lignell and Tiffany Brinkman, but I can only conclude the are a troup of fourth rate motivational speaker and real estate “wanna-bes.” Read the following and you’ll understand:

Here are the Top Ten Reasons to JAMES HARRIS and his “crew” at TRUMP University.

10. The TRUMP name is also on a package of steaks too! He’s a brand and not only do you NEVER see him pictured with his instructors, he makes money by licensing his name to franchises like the “university.”

9. During the first day you’re asked to fill out a (credit) profile. This is so the crew knows how to come at you to buy their over priced services. They should do it at the free seminar so you don’t waste your time, but of course, they want to get the first $1,500 out of you.

8. James Harris is the lead *** man in the group, he says you should create a new business card, get a toll free number and create an LLC. Yet during the three days, you never see his real estate business card, know his toll free number, and yes folks I can’t find any where on the Internet any indication that he is an actual real estate investor. If he really is who he claims to be, his employees can screen his calls for him, if he’s worried about giving out his number.

7. James Harris as a Twitter account but it only has tweets from the “university,” and the look bogus. He doesn’t have a link to his company or blog. You would think he would be proud, like most successful people to show off his company and or accomplishments.

6. None of his cohorts had their own business cards or mentioned by name any of their companies. Don’t you think out of four presenters one could at least be credible, but NONE OF THEM ARE!

5. James Harris will tell you to go out and write down ten properties to possibly start dealing with because you will make calls during the three days. YOU WILL NOT MAKE CALLS – THEY IGNORE THE “HOMEWORK” THEY TELL YOU TO DO! So, you are really wasting time even after you leave the room. They could care less about any potential deals, because they just want to tell you that you need more of their services.

4 James Harris is not a third rate speaker, but rather a 4th rate speaker. On the second day, after you come back from a lunch break he actually DE-MOTIVATES you by telling you that, “This is too much for you to handle yourself.” You’re gonna need help. That’s right his set up for his upsell is to actually make you feel like an *** because you “can’t do what he showed you how to,” unless you start spending more money like $9-35,0000.00.

3. James Harris then give an hour commercial about the services you should buy at TRUMP University, not a brief mention to read more on their web site, but he MAKE AN HOUR COMMERCIAL ON YOUR TIME! $1,500 bucks and you become sheep for an hour for the real sell.

2. James Harris shows you pictures of people with their cars and pictures of their checks, you’ve probably seen them before on late night TV. Harris never has a picture of what he actually owns! He turns out to be a very suspicious character if he’s in this business – he would know to be above reproach from the start. Why isn’t he??

1 James Harris is only out to get you to spend more than the $1.500 you pay to be talks at about spending more to his quartet of speakers. He’s fourth rate, because he is sloppy and really transparent. He even has the never to sell the $35,000 package to folks (usually to people that have English as their second language) and he doesn’t give them his contact telephone number. Imagine being sold something for that price and not getting the number of the buy who sold it to you?

PLEASE – In these tough economic times do yourself a big favor but more importantly pass the word to those who need to make a career change – TRUMP University is a WAST OF YOUR MONEY, TIME AND INTELLIEGENCE!


Although I have attended my first Trump Seminar in December 4,2009 and I have closed 6 deals so far, Trump U does not hold on to their promises.

Once you get out there in the real world, you realize that it wont go as smoothly as you thought it would..

To get my 6 deals closed within 60 days I've worked countless hours, (about 20 hours a day.. ever day) and made about 20,000 phone calls.. I kid you not! 20 THOUSAND! I kept a record of these...

On Feb 5-7th 2010 I have attended it again as a refresher and to see everyone and say hello.. they were very negative and always trying to sell you on the package.

I wanted to speak with one of the builders about his career and what he has done in his lifetime, but all he gave me was a look and then a "so what package are you picking".... I am not picking any package at all.. Are you kidding me?

By the way.. i just came back from the Trump Seminar and missed the superbowl.. wonder how the game went..

No way!

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Trump University - 20 tips to Trump them

Los Angeles, California 1 comment
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The 20 Tips to Trump THEM

Reports about people being scammed by Trump University are rampant all over the Internet and additionally on this site.

So are not alone!! Like you, I was scammed out of tens of thousands and after realizing the atrocities of the deception and fraud have been fighting back. If you join me in this fight against Trump University, we can make a difference. I created this list because after researching myself I obtained some invaluable ideas from posters online but nothing was compiled all in one place. I realized I could help be part of the solution by sharing all of the information I acquired myself through meticulous hard work and investigation. This is a tribute to the "little guy" that can and will fight back!!

If you haven't already this is what you can do to report Trump University and help investigative authorities string together a case so they prevent others from sharing the same fate as us, and even possibly recover your funds. I have some of the research for you so if you've been frustrated all you must do is follow the steps below and you may very well see funds returned.

It is very important to report to EVERY agency below so that this matter reaches enough ears that eventually they are stopped from hurting people during this economic depression. This may take a bit of your time, but I promise it will result in helping every one of us as if the Attorney General sees enough complaints with his office and all of the other NY offices and has enough complaints to develop a case, there is often victim restitution of funds. But there needs to be enough victims complaining so please forward this email to others you know who are in need of getting their funds recovered! There is also a class action lawsuit option that we could instigate...see below.

Do not expect an immediate refund and do not get discouraged. If they know you will not stop, they will reimburse you because it won't be worth their time to continue going back and forth arguing. This may mean 20-30 contacts but don't give up! The more people are sending numerous emails, making calls, and mailing letters, the more powerless Trump University becomes so have at it!

Remember, by staying active and on top of things through follow up, you create waves with all of these agencies and they have no choice but to investigate.

Please note: the contacts below are all for NY but you may also try contacting your state's offices as well particularly if you attended a Trump University seminar in your state and see what can be done. But first and foremost, the matters need to be reported to the the state of New York where Trump University is headquartered as only they really have jurisdiction over the matter.

Remember... POWER IS IN THE PEOPLE!!! We can all make the difference together!

1. Create a detailed letter explaining from beginning to end why you are dissatisfied, what was promised versus provided, and details/dates of each contact you've had with Trump U and their response as well as your attempts to resolve these disputes. Reference the law whenever possible if you have knowledge of your state's civil and business and professions codes or just Google this and research terms of law you think apply. Print out all email correspondence and include it with your letter as well as online complaints from others. Create a convincing package as though you are going to court with all kind of evidence you can think of including copies of the contracts, any book materials or verbiage that supports your claim etc... Just create one letter and mail the same letter and package to everyone to save time.

2. Report Trump University to the New York Better Business Bureau: Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York (New York, NY) 257 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010-7384 Phone: (212)533-7500 Fax: (212)477-4912 Email: Web:

3. Report Trump University to the New York State Consumer Protection Agency (they act as a mediator similar to the BBB):

4. Report Trump University to the New York District Attorney (DA): (it is best to write them at Manhattan DA, attn:Special Prosecutions Bureau, One Hogan Place, New York, NY 10013)

5. Report Trump University to the New York Attorney General: (emailing this form will get you a response but the best thing to do is mail your concern with proof to: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's Office, Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection, 120 Broadway, 3rd Flr, New York, NY 10271)

6. Contact your local media, the NY TIMES, and 60 MINUTES with your story. Tell them about the real estate fraud post bank fraud and in the midst of mortgage and loan mod fraud then bring Trump University into the story. Tell them how this real estate story is tied to national news that affects everyone. You can also find Call for Action media resources in your city at:

7. Tell Trump University if they don't refund you you will post negative feedback on, among others if you have not already. TV news producer, attorneys, even the FBI among others regularly search the sites to compile evidence for cases/reports.

8. Contact your credit card or bank and file a dispute...don't worry if it's past 60 days, many will investigate as they are supposed to otherwise you can remind them about TARP bailout funds and their obligation to you. Compile the evidence of the laws to send to them with your story and print all the negative reviews from the complaint boards you have posted on as well as others. If the bank from your account or credit card refuses to help, report them to the body of the FDIC that regulates this: the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) at as the banks received money from TARP and federal bailout money and this is taxpayer money, they are held to a higher standard and they must honor consumer's requests.

9. Report Trump University to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

10. Report Trump University to the Department of Justice (DOJ): (email to

11. Report Trump University to the Federal Bureau of Investigation: Write to the Washington DC headquarters and email the NY (Manhattan) local office: (email:

12. Report Trump University to your State Senator and Congressman (not NY's): Find them here: and Note whether they are Democratic or Republican and how they have voted on past issues so as to pick the Senator or Congressman who will most likely want to take action.

13. Report Trump University to the various nationwide consumer advocate agencies including Consumer Action at who will forward your story to the media for you, National Association of Consumer Advocates at who get daily requests from media, Congress and state legislators for stories on consumer abuse to help fight it.

14. Send Trump University a letter from your attorney on your attorney's letterhead stating they you are seeking restitution for damages simply in the form of a refund and will not pursue further legal course for any amount above and beyond as long as you receive a FULL REFUND. This should cost a few hundred dollars but is well worth so Trump University knows you are serious enough to sue.

15. Contact the following top, high profile class action law firms listed below and if they move forward give them all of the posts such as this that you find, or pass on information if you do hear of a class action law firm trying to pursue this matter here so we may all get on the case. The more a law firm feels confident in a case, the more they will want to pursue it. If they have hundreds of people willing to participate and already have evidence of stacks of complaints being filed with agencies throughout New York, they will more likely want to put in the effort that a class action requires (tons of discovery and maybe a year of work or more). Remember, if a class action is actually filed, the chances of a settlement making all of us financially whole is great as over 90% of civil cases filed never go to trial and are settled out of court. I would suggest reporting to all of these firms as many firms may need to be contacted prior to taking on such a case: (fill out online can remain anonymous but if you want to partake in any action it's best to leave them your contact information), (email or call), (email and include your name), (contact Gerald Silk per link at bottom of page by email or phone)

16. If all else fails (give everything above a minimum of 3-6 months), then file with the NY small claims court for a maximum verdict of $5,000...while for many this is a small amount compared to the typical $15,000-$50,000 expenditure, it is better than nothing and requires a small filing fee and plane ticket (you can return in the same day to save on hotel). While this is out of pocket money, it is well worth it to receive thousands back but you decide. Chances are a Trump University rep may never show as they are wasting valuable office time particularly if they get many filings and requests to appear and without an appearance my understanding is that you automatically win but you should confirm this directly with the court If you do win and have trouble collecting funds, then hire a collections agency for free (Google collections agency) who will take somewhere between 30-40% to collect the funds only once they are collected.

17. If you are really angry, feel free to PROTEST at the entrance of the hotels where the Trump University seminar "retreat" atrocities are being conducted should one come back to your town. Grab a group of others in your area and have at it. This is considered free speech and a constitutional right if you have an opinion but if you are fearful of slander, research the law before going.

18. Last but not least be careful about signing any agreement between you and Trump University that they may send your way BEFORE receiving a cashier's check that you receive and cash as I have heard of some tales of this. Do not let them scam you again removing all of your rights to sue them, report them to regulatory agencies etc... until you receive repayment in full.

19. If at any time anyone from Trump University tells you to stop contacting them or refers you to their outside counsel/law firm which they very well might if you are this persistent, realize this is an attempt to stop you and don't stop, but also do not further contact them as this could be construed as harrassment. At this point, reference this in your letter that they have attempted to derail communication and refused to cooperate and rely on the outside agencies and possibly an attorney's letter (consult an attorney on the legality of further direct communication and what consistutes harrassment with Trump University).

20. Finally, should you receive any POSITIVE RESULTS please share these online here so as to encourage everyone else and share tactics that work. I hope the time I have devoted for free here makes a difference in all of your lives as I want to see all of the Davids win over Goliath. It is possible. Have faith!

Disclaimer: Please note I am not an attorney or rendering legal advice, so other than consulting the regulatory agencies mentioned, you must ask your counsel for their opinions on protests, direct communication, or other strategies mentioned above with Trump University should you be uncertain of your rights and the laws that govern your states. This post is for informational purposes only and provides information already available to the public through the regulatory agencies, websites, consumer advocacy groups and law firms. Before making any decisions regarding contacting any of the publicly available resources listed, you should contact an attorney to be fully aware of your rights and legal ramifications of any action taken.

Good luck!

Review about: Seminars And Mentorship.



Trump University Class Action Lawsuit Filed!

A nationwide Trump University (40 Wall Street, New York, NY) consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed!

To be a part of the Trump University class action lawsuit, Get involved in the case, OR Provide information about your experience

CONTACT the class action law firm handling the case:

Zeldes & Haeggquist, LLP


Keywords: Trump University Scam, Trump University Review, Trump University Complaint

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