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A nationwide Trump University (40 Wall Street, New York, NY) consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed!

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Monetary Loss: $34.

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I got involved in Trump University as a fan of the Apprentice and reading Trumps Books. I spoke to a couple of smooth talking and intelligent sounding inviduals over the phone who convinced me that with some "one-on-one" mentoring, I would be on my way to success and financial independence....Wrong!

They tried to get me sold on buying packages much larger than the one I actually purchased, which was 12-one hour mentoring sessions for 7500.00. I was sent CDs which were very low qualtiy in both audio and content, and a set of ring binders with very useless information. I couldnt get on their website for a long time, which I was really pitched as being a wonderful place where I could get involved in chats from people all over the world who were making deals.

Everytime I got on, there was this same lady from New Zealand who was trying real hard to figure out the process, but seemed a bit confused, along with maybe one or two other people who were usually just listening to her muddle through her experiences.

And finally, the mentoring which came at the expense of over 600.00 an hour. First the mentor spoke with a strong accent, which I had difficulty understanding. He was ready and anxious to get off the phone 15 minutes early every time.

The information he gave me was to form an LLC, get some business cards, get a real estate agent and go out and find 10 properties a week and make outlandish offers. No creative advice, or concepts,...

Bottom line is I learned absolutely nothing. I quit after about 8 sessions, and did not bother with the final 4. I was in it to learn how to find forclosures, and my mentor did not seem to know anything other than to look for 10 homes and make insane offers. I threw the tapes and notebooks in the trash, as the information on them was useless.

I not only lost 7500.00 very hard earned dollars, but more importantly, it impacted my psyche. I truly feel dumber, not smarter for my experience. I am afraid to go out and try somehthing for fear I am a poor decission maker after getting so easily suckered.

We have all heard the addage, if it is too good to be true, than it probably is, and I would say that is just as true today as ever. My guess is that Donald Trump probably has never looked into or ever been involved in the DTU. I could not ever see him put his name on such garbage! If he does indorse it, I have to say Mr. Trump, "Your Fired!"

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Hi my name is David from IN and me and my wife invested in the Trump University and didn't get nothing out of it.The 36k we spent was our life saving, and we never made any money even after the mentor.

He act as if he didn't have the answers to our questions, this was a shocker! Also we never bought a home or made any money from the Trump University scam, and now we are facing foreclosure. and the staff at Trump University can't seem to help us in saving our home or feel the need we should have our money back.

This has been depressing for me and my family and we don't know what to do.I really hope justice is served.

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