Do not trust Trump University! This company is a well designed scam using the name of Donald Trump who apparently doesn't care how much more Americans get hurt this year and the next ones by a weak economy. Instead he's using it to take advantage of you.

They will do whatever (and I mean, whatever) it takes to get you to open your pockets to invest in their company. I am sure there are tons of people like me who have lost precious money because of them. So if you have to borrow and have no credit to do this or even if you have good credit, don't! They will rob from you...this is modern day robbery...and then they will place in a very dangerous position. You could lose equity in your house if you have to borrow to attend, you could damage your credit if you have to max out your credit cards, or you could even lose your house like so many Americans because that last bit of money that was supposed to get you through another six months or year for mortgage payments is now gone based on a false promise!

The scam in all of this is that the information always skims the surface. No matter the class, you get loads of advice on buying more classes, not advice on execution. They will never tell you that it takes 1000 steps to do something and instead magnify the few positive points of real estate. Don't be fooled by them or their grand statements of flipping a house with 10 hours of work. They are full of it! I know because I have been through it.

And watch out for that one main speaker...you'll know him by how loud he is and how fast he talks (he's got to be on something). He will suck you dry. And then there are all the other teachers that either can't back the claims of being the millionaires they claim or that have rip off reviews elsewhere online. It's all talk and no show.

Oh and when they tell you they'll be there for you, they'll scram as soon as they've collected the dough. The instructors are there for their 3 day classes and then off to the next city to convince more unsuspecting prospects to drop 15-35G's. These are used car salesman who will use the same tactics as in a car showroom..you know where they go supposedly to their manager while you wait and you know they are really just passing the time to look like they've been working out a deal for you and are on your side. When someone is trying to collect that much money from you, they do not have your best interests at heart. I hesitated and they pushed me assuring me it was the right decision and then dropped me like a hot pancake when I needed their help to learn more without spending more money. As soon as they've ran the check, card etc.. through they are done with you. You'll only get their attention when they are trying to get it from you and once they get it they're gone. This is fraud.

Buyer beware!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Whatever *** spends anything over 100$ on one of these seminars is a mental dwarf and doesn't even deserve to have money in the first place. Gullible idiots, plain and simple, all of you who spent that kind of dough on the obvious garbage you were going to be spoon fed. What a shame.

Hicksville, New York, United States #187146

It appears that we too were scammed by this group using Trumps name as collateral. We hosted a weekend seminar here and have never been paid over $5500.



Good class.I took a class twice.

First time with James Harris - he was Fantastic and did teach a lot. I could not comprehend and remember everything and had to take class again the next time they were in town. (second time is free) Though it was a different speaker Jerow (or something like that) He was not as good as James Harris. James really did teach and the second guy was doing more preaching then teaching.

But i did learn few things from Jerow as well and most people liked the second guy too ..perhaps b/c they did not see the first guy :) . Course was worth the money to me :) you can also ask for the recording of the course after you attend it (may have to pay little for the CDs). btw they did do live calls at the seminar both times i took it.

The webinars on the trump university website are really good too. It all depends how serious you are about the investing - thus will be your results.

I did not sign up for further classes, but if i had extra money to play with probobly would have and would benefit as well.James does have his business card and gives his contact to those who sign up :)


HI Vivian....I am considering the Trump University Investment course....I was wondering, how much did you make on those 6 deals, it seems the tools really worked for you... alot of ppl are upset about the fact that they are beimg sold other packages...so far you are the only one who talked about closing deals, so it seem they're tools work, thought they maybe jerks when it comes to holding up their promises. Aprreciate your response thanks for your time and for sharing your experience.


Trump University Class Action Lawsuit Filed!

A nationwide Trump University (40 Wall Street, New York, NY) consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed!

To be a part of the Trump University class action lawsuit, Get involved in the case, OR Provide information about your experience

CONTACT the class action law firm handling the case:

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I went to the 2 hr.session and walked out without giving them a penny.

They act like high powered used car salesman.People, do not fall for their BS.



I write this today, March 15, 2010 after 30 days of investigating the “real estate investors” and “motivational speakers” who came to Greater Boston on February 15, 2010. I also paid the $1,500 bucks for the three day seminar held a week later. The material was over priced, dated and not current with today’s laws! Yet they will try to sell you “customized” educational packages costing from $9,000 to $35,000. yes really they try to sell you a “mento,” for $35,000!

Since that time I have tried to prove myself wrong and find information that would give credit to the claims of James Harris, Ryan Lottman, Cory Lignell and Tiffany Brinkman, but I can only conclude the are a troup of fourth rate motivational speaker and real estate “wanna-bes.” Read the following and you’ll understand:

Here are the Top Ten Reasons to JAMES HARRIS and his “crew” at TRUMP University.

10. The TRUMP name is also on a package of steaks too! He’s a brand and not only do you NEVER see him pictured with his instructors, he makes money by licensing his name to franchises like the “university.”

9. During the first day you’re asked to fill out a (credit) profile. This is so the crew knows how to come at you to buy their over priced services. They should do it at the free seminar so you don’t waste your time,...

8. James Harris is the lead *** man in the group, he says you should create a new business card, get a toll free number and create an LLC. Yet during the three days, you never see his real estate business card, know his toll free number, and yes folks I can’t find any where on the Internet any indication that he is an actual real estate investor. If he really is who he claims to be, his employees can screen his calls for him, if he’s worried about giving out his number.

7. James Harris as a Twitter account but it only has tweets from the “university,” and the look bogus. He doesn’t have a link to his company or blog. You would think he would be proud, like most successful people to show off his company and or accomplishments.

6. None of his cohorts had their own business cards or mentioned by name any of their companies. Don’t you think out of four presenters one could at least be credible, but NONE OF THEM ARE!

5. James Harris will tell you to go out and write down ten properties to possibly start dealing with because you will make calls during the three days. YOU WILL NOT MAKE CALLS – THEY IGNORE THE “HOMEWORK” THEY TELL YOU TO DO! So, you are really wasting time even after you leave the room. They could care less about any potential deals, because they just want to tell you that you need more of their services.

4 James Harris is not a third rate speaker, but rather a 4th rate speaker. On the second day, after you come back from a lunch break he actually DE-MOTIVATES you by telling you that, “This is too much for you to handle yourself.” You’re gonna need help. That’s right his set up for his upsell is to actually make you feel like an *** because you “can’t do what he showed you how to,” unless you start spending more money like $9-35,0000.00.

3. James Harris then give an hour commercial about the services you should buy at TRUMP University, not a brief mention to read more on their web site, but he MAKE AN HOUR COMMERCIAL ON YOUR TIME! $1,500 bucks and you become sheep for an hour for the real sell.

2. James Harris shows you pictures of people with their cars and pictures of their checks, you’ve probably seen them before on late night TV. Harris never has a picture of what he actually owns! He turns out to be a very suspicious character if he’s in this business – he would know to be above reproach from the start. Why isn’t he??

1 James Harris is only out to get you to spend more than the $1.500 you pay to be talks at about spending more to his quartet of speakers. He’s fourth rate, because he is sloppy and really transparent. He even has the never to sell the $35,000 package to folks (usually to people that have English as their second language) and he doesn’t give them his contact telephone number. Imagine being sold something for that price and not getting the number of the buy who sold it to you?

PLEASE – In these tough economic times do yourself a big favor but more importantly pass the word to those who need to make a career change – TRUMP University is a WAST OF YOUR MONEY, TIME AND INTELLIEGENCE!

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Although I have attended my first Trump Seminar in December 4,2009 and I have closed 6 deals so far, Trump U does not hold on to their promises.

Once you get out there in the real world, you realize that it wont go as smoothly as you thought it would..

To get my 6 deals closed within 60 days I've worked countless hours, (about 20 hours a day.. ever day) and made about 20,000 phone calls.. I kid you not! 20 THOUSAND! I kept a record of these...

On Feb 5-7th 2010 I have attended it again as a refresher and to see everyone and say hello.. they were very negative and always trying to sell you on the package.

I wanted to speak with one of the builders about his career and what he has done in his lifetime, but all he gave me was a look and then a "so what package are you picking".... I am not picking any package at all.. Are you kidding me?

By the way.. i just came back from the Trump Seminar and missed the superbowl.. wonder how the game went..

No way!

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