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Trump University scammed me. Do not believe these people!

They will tell you to use whatever resource you have to pay them their 15-35G's for their classes which are full of teachers bragging about what they have but never telling you how to get it other than some top level stuff that never gives you the meat you need to succeed. They don't pay you any attention (even in the $1,495 class) if you don't have the money. They will actually shut you up in class if you challenge them and tune you out and stop calling on you so as to not let the other class members see a devil's advocate and question anything. They will tell you to use your credit cards, your equity line, anything you have that money can be drawn from. So many Americans are already losing their sad would it be to not have enough money to make your mortgage payments because they scammed you or take out an equity line that causes your mortgage to grow and then have no way to repay it. But this is exactly what they'll do even if they sense you are unsure...that's when I noticed they seemed to pressure you more...when they think they are losing you...they will go in for the kill.

So many people in the classes complained to each other so much so that it became a joke...but stupidly they, and I, came back for more...well because we paid for it and had hope until the last minute. Wrong! If Donald trump apparently has kids who went to the best universities and has the nerve to call this a university I would be mortified if I were him. You cannot call this a university. It is full of bloodsuckers who lie to your face and then somehow put their head to rest at night on their pillow without a second thought to how they may ruin your life. I can only compare it to a used car know how they go back to apparently talk to their sales manager but in reality they are just passing the time...these are the low handed tactics they'll use and then act like they are on your side and all buddy buddy about the classes.

They'll point to their measly several testimonials to prove their success but how come out of thousands of students are there only several singing their praises? Payoffs I can only assume and from what I've seen. You stroke their back, they'll stroke yours. This is all politics but what you'd hear at the water cooler is a *** of a lot worse than you could ever imagine...what really goes on behind the scenes at Trump University is not so pretty.

Check out online reports of former employees who tell the truth of what goes on in the they are pressured to enroll more and more people and put on a show on the phone. These people are probably scripted as they are just salespeople not caring individuals. It is the game of faking it 'til you make it but it's all bull. I can't stand posers or users so I'm going to tell you the truth as they stole money out of my pocket and gave me nothing I could use in return, no matter how hard I tried or how much I asked.

I went through their classes and it's all broad with nothing deep for you to actually use in the real world. They ask you to keep spending your hard earned dough to get more and more top level stuff. It just never ends.

I sincerely hope this post can save at least one person from the same mistake that is going to take me twice the amount of time to repair that I spent in their classes.

Buyer beware!!! Don't do it. They will lie to your face!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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A nationwide Trump University (40 Wall Street, New York, NY) consumer fraud class action lawsuit has been filed!

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